projects and occupations

My time in space wasn't passed aimlessly staring at the porthole...

... Well, maybe just the first few months. Those were the ones filled with the emptiness of cosmos and the agonizing wait for death. I didn't think I was gonna make it. Hell, I wasn't even thinking. And then suddenly a sound, a word, an idea popped into my horsehead. "I".


I am still alive. I feel great. There's no pain, no hunger, nor thirst.

My life is sustainable up here. It might be a special kind of mindset, or a special kind of effect from the space rays, or some sort of joke by the Godly Random Number Generator that is existence itself. I've had time to figure out your language from the manuals you left up here with me, as if some kind soul of an engineer decided to leave them here just in case I decided to learn from them. Granted, it was Russian first, but since the manuals described the operation of the equipment around me, I managed to use the little fuel that was left in my vessel to propel towards the junk that you people have been kind enough to leave floating around our little rock. With each year, the technology you decide to discard up here gets more sophisticated, so I've managed to build myself a nifty, swell little space in space. I still haven't figured out a way to go further away, see the wonders of the Universe, but I'll get to it eventually.

Meanwhile, from orbit, I see a good deal of what happens down there. Some of it is visible to the naked eye, and some of it I gather from the internet. Now, after everything that I have been given by Fortuna, I'll try to give back in the form of opinion. Hey, we are ALL entitled to one, aren't we? Isn't just EVERY opinion as worthy as the next one? There AREN'T any wrong answers, are there?

You better listen to me, folks. I could throw stuff at you all day from up here, and you'd think it's the hand of God punishing your onanism.

You can also hire me to do benevolent demigod sort of things, like translating for you, ghostwriting, or glitching your pictures.

You might know many programmers who rant about politics, but how many political scientists do you know that know how to code, huh? Thought so! And I'm a horse!

A matrix synapse is running here, so you can use that if you want. Just change your homeserver to "" during registration and you'll be ready to go. Remember! Identity servers are used to store cross-identification data, such as your e-mail, in case you provide one during registration. If you want all your information contained on my server, don't provide anything but username and pass.

If you use it and enjoy it, be sure to share your love through this here appreciation address 1JmNBY3gykCej4rwvEuo6NbuAakYjra1hH

Depending on the amount of love you send, once I become recognized as a power of good and acquire the possibility of ruling the destinies of millions, I'll be sure to rule yours in a favorable direction ;)